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Pearl GrossJun 24 2020

Living as you get old need not be as intimidating as you might think. You can make senior living as exciting as you want with Brookdale. Whether you are looking for options to live for yourself or you want the senior living options for your loved ones, you will find that Brookdale is the best option for you.

Logging into the employee portal of Brookdale

Visit website

If you are an associate at Brookdale, then you can use the given link to access information as applicable to you including completion of your training through LMS.

a)     To access your account, first click on the link given here and then enter your user id.

b)     Enter the user id and the password, where the user id is your employee id.

c)      And once you enter you will be able to follow the instructions for accessing information regarding your account and other details.

You can also search for some incredible career opportunities if you are interested in making a positive change in others’ lives through Brookdale. The health stream at Brookdale offers you the chance to learn and make yourself an able person to be part of the association.

What do you get with Brookdale?

As part of the senior living options Brookdale offers,

a)     Independent living option where the senior citizens want to live in the comforts of their own home, without actually worrying about ownership woes. There are multiple apartment options to match with your style and socializing opportunities as well.

b)     There is assisted living option where medication of the senior citizens is managed along with professional housekeeping services. Partnerships with multiple firms ensure that your needs are taken care of at any time of the day by professionals.

c)      The services of a skilled nursing team which will ensure that the path to recovery is seamless. Be it for a short or a long term you are in the hands of skilled nurses around the clock in a well supported environment.

d)     Licensed in-home care services for the people who qualify and peace and comfort is guaranteed for the hospice care agencies.

e)     Multiple levels in caring as a community in the same campus ensuring that you don’t have to move away even as you move from one level of care to another.

f)      The memory care program offered by Brookdale is rooted into a person centered approach allowing the residents to flourish even if they are in the advanced stage of dementia.

Continuing Education Series | Brookdale

Continuing Education Series | Brookdale

If you wish to be part of the education series for the healthcare professionals, then you would need to register through the web portal. The registration is quite easy, and you can also view the entire schedule on this page.
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Reviews of employees in Brookdale | Glassdoor

Reviews of employees in Brookdale | Glassdoor

Use this link to find the reviews that our previous employees have provided. The reviews have been gotten in a transparent manner to guarantee that the information is factual. Each of these reflects the great working values of the company
LMS - Learner Mode | 360 Training Login

LMS - Learner Mode | 360 Training Login

Kindly login to our portal through the link above and get to Learn more about the training programs that we are offering. Once you create your account, you will be granted with unlimited access to this content