Allegis group – Employee self-service portal

Andrew RogersJun 24 2020

The company Aerotek, became the current Allegis group which offers various services and solutions to the many different industries. The company strives to provide excellence in their services and ensure that they work in creating opportunities for their customers and pave way for a better world all around.

Accessing the employee self service portal

Visit website

If you are an employee of the group you can now access the self service portal of the company using the above given link. The link will take you to the page for accessing the employer services and other benefits in their portal, which is a self service portal of employees of the Allegis group.

On clicking this link you will be taken to the portal where you have to

a) Login using your user id and password. Please do remember that user id and the employee ids are different.

b) If you are a first timer in the website, then you can click on the “Create account” tab to register yourself.

c) Once you have logged in, you will be able to use this website for paying statements and to view the year-end tax statements.

Why choose Allegis?

The company truly believes in offering services that will completely satiate their success measure is what has made them into a group that chases only excellence in everything they do. The company deals in developing partnerships that last for the lifetime and offers care that is beyond any other company in the market.

They ensure consistency across their brands, always keeping up their promises and delivering quality in every project that they undertake. The transformation that is happening digitally across the different industries, the company follows a culture where they partner with their clients to take them towards success.

a)     They attract people who show the character of the best standards and retain them.

b)     They work together as a team to offer the most positive outcome in every project.

c)      The team at Allegis is very competitive and they put in every effort to make the best out of every process and project.

d)     The company believes in building relationships based on trust and an inclusive one at that, which will help to unlock the utmost potential of the people in the company.

Online Pay & W-2 - Aerotek Contractor Resources

Online Pay & W-2 - Aerotek Contractor Resources

If you are looking to find more information on how to access the information about the W2 and Paystubs online, then you can use this link to do the same and here you will get all the related information.
Search for different paperless employee IP addresses

Search for different paperless employee IP addresses

The above link will search for the different IP addresses leading to websites that refer to the Allegis group and a paperless employee and give you results from across the world in all languages.
Guide to set up a new payment account for the user-id

Guide to set up a new payment account for the user-id

If you want to set up a new pay account and you are wondering about the steps to follow, then you can choose this link, which will act as a guide in your quest to creating the same.
paperlessemployee allegis - - Content Results

paperlessemployee allegis - - Content Results

The link is a search page from, where it takes you to a search on the paperless company Allegis. The page features a search result from Wikipedia, which gives more information about the company.